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Australian Ark: "An Interfaith Committee."


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29th of May 2004 -  Flag raising ceromony
Some of us enjoyed the Flag raising ceromony organised by Bayside City Council. The council put on quite a lavish affair. We enjoyed speaches by prominant aboriginal leaders in our community, music and gourmet aboriginal food provided by a well known aboriginal restaraunt in Melbourne called, "Soul Mamas" (?).


1st of May 2004 - Walk in Harmony for Aboriginal Reconciliation
Today we held our walk "In Harmony" for aboriginal reconciliation even though officially the walk was cancelled due to the bad weather (rain and hail early in the day).

Nevertheless, when we actually had the walk at 2pm, at about 2.15pm there was a small shower of rain and we sheltered under the eaves of Black Rock House. After that brief spell of rain it was relatively fine for the rest of the walk.

I did the introduction ar the start and finish of the walk.

I did reading at the Beacon, we reflected and we walked onto the Sheoaks. At the Sheoaks another person read out the poem by Pamela Ellem a member of our group, we reflected once more on the words and the meaning behind the beautiful words. We moved on to "The Lookout" the site of a previous aboriginal camping ground and reflected and imagined what it might have been like many many years ago when it was plain with grazing Kangaroos on it. The "At the lookout" reading was then readout, we reflected. At all times we thought of the aboriginal people and how they look differently at the land than we do, they see it spiritually which is different to how we often see materially - as real-estate (though not all people are the same).  We moved on at the same time feeling and hearing the cool wind and music of the rustling leaves we descended down the path towards the raging surf. We decided due to the raging weather conditions (though it was not raining) that we would do the reading near the "white cliffs" of Black Rock, I read out the reading, "At the cliffs"; we reflected. At this time you could see and smell the sea foam and the wet ochre, the aboriginal painter's glistening palette as we rounded the corner and came onto the main stretch of Black Rock beach. We must have looked like the first explorers as we were all rugged up, bracing against the heavy cool sweet sea breeze. Just before we reached the Black Rock Life Saving Club, "Kieran Little" a member of our group held a "Dadirri" session, which as far as I can see is a type of aboriginal meditation which lasted approximately 5 minutes - we found peace in the chaos of the choppy surf and heavy winds - but we survived and became closer to the land, the people of the land, ourselves and each other.


One person in the group took photos; approximately 13 people completed the walk.


Alex - Australian Ark 1st of May 2004